Bag trends for 2022

Bag trends for 2022

If we had to choose one fashion accessory that would be THE finishing touch of our style we would say bags, bags, bags. We all need one! May it be for carrying our wallet and phone, the whole wardrobe for the next day, or simply a mini one to accessorize our favorite outfit.  So what are the bag trends of 2022 that you need to try out?

This year's bags are taking shape in several different forms with amazing finishing touches while adding bold colors to the menu. From pink, purple, and yellow to eternal green. To stay on-trend, colorful statement pieces are the way to go - and we’ve got your back! Check out the bag trends for 2022.


We are always on the hunt for unique trends that will stand the test of time and the chunky chain style bag is the one. These bags are bringing a rebellious mood to an elegant classic. Stand out and combine your look with clothing in natural colors, simple jewelry pieces, and add a chain bag in bold colors – like our orange.


Though it is more of a long-term trend, minimalism feels more relevant than ever this season. Simple shapes are here and they're super clean, look effortless to wear with any outfit, and will make you feel fashionable every day.  Be a little edgy and add fringes to simplicity with our everyday bags.



Large bags are coming back! After the emergence of tiny handbags, this year large bags are filling our minds and hearts again. Fit in your laptop, notebook, and even your favorite water bottle while staying chic. Combine it with bold jewelry pieces, and a suit, and don't forget to pick the one with the brightest colors like this one.

big bag


2022 is officially the year of bringing back old-school fashion trends and to no surprise mini bags with beautiful and classy chains are having their time to shine again. The trend from the ‘80s and ‘90s is now more youthful, playful, and colorful than ever. For all lovers of mini bags - now is your time! Choose whatever style you feel comfortable within and add our favorite mini bag to it. Where to find the affordable and beautiful ones? Try HERE.


This is one of our favorite bag trends for 2022! Clutch bags featuring glitz and glamor aren't just for big events anymore. Party bags are here to make a statement about our fashion choices and to elevate the everyday outfit. Dare to be different and combine this bag with your favorite jeans and T-shirt. Add some bling for brunch with your best friends and no longer save this showstopping bag for special occasions only.

sparkly bag


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