Crazy Bold Earring Style

10 Crazy Bold Earring Style to Shine

We love crazy bold earrings. The bigger the better! But which ones are our TOP 10 favourite ones? We hand picked 10 favourite earrings with zircon crystals that impressed us – AND YOU - the most. Read on!

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  1. Crystal

A true best seller! Our Crystal earrings are the ones that our customers love the most. And for a good reason! With endless clear crystals and classic round shape they are a bold but still safe choice for most and a great addition to every outfit. Try them on yourself, you'll love how they make you feel!

  1. Audacia

Big and bold heart shaped earrings for all those who love to stand out. Our largest pair of earrings comes in heart shape, embelished with colourful crystals and topped on with large one on top. Sugaronly babes love to wear them with colourful heels and colourful clutch and simple blazer or dress. A match made in heaven!

  1. Azul

Every time you will look at them they will make you dream of deep blue sea and amazing summer times. Our Azul earrings will mesmerize you with it's blue colour and pretty hearts, embelished with little crystals. A definite must have for summer!

  1. Brilliante

The sister to our best selling earring is a stunning Brilliante - made to make a real statement! Sprinkled with clear crystals of different shapes they will be a great addition to your style. Pair them with your favourite blazer or just jeans, they simply go with everything.

  1. Lunar

Show your love with wearing our Lunar earrings! Tiny little zircon crystals that embelish these drop earrings are ideal substitute for diamonds because of their shine and warmth. But definitely a more affordable one!

  1. Papillon

Our smallest Dolcelita earrings but still one of top sellers! Silver coloured and made of clear crystals are a perfect choice for weddings, office and school. What makes them so special? They are shaped like butterflies!

  1. Floreale

And now it's time for our staffs favourite earrings! Floral stone earrings with stunning pink and purple crystals and two lines of clear ones in the middle are such show stoppers. Our favourite way to wear them? With little black dress and fancy clutch. Perfect for long summer nights!

  1. Reine

From all the rectangle earrings in our store these are definitely the ones we reach out for the most. They are large and in charge and stand out with many shades of pink, blue and green crystals. How to wear them? Pair them with simple t-shirt, jeans and cute colourful bag. Outfit is made!

  1. Violete

Classic but with a twist. Our most classic shape of drop earrings Triple Teardrop it the ultimate »everyday« and »goes with everything« earring.

  1. Inima

Saving the best for last! These earrings are for the ones that love bold earrings but on the minimal side. Crown hearts will impress you with pretty heart shape and clear crystals, but with a bit of red crystals sprinkled on top – for a bit of drama. Fit for a queen!

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